Hello World! Yes, I like to believe that the entire world would be reading my blog. Quite an imagination, I know!

So after stalking for almost about an year, I finally step into blogging. 

Reading blogs by bookmarking them did not seem an easy task. So starting this blog to share a little and read a lot. 

I am DeeA, a little senti and very mental. Will be writing memories which fade away with time that I build with my Partner in crime(PIC) who happen to be my husband and Joy, my eighteen month old son.

So let the journey begin and the sentiments flow!


26 thoughts on “Hello!

  1. 🙂 Your posts are funny, witty and really interesting. And i’m left wondering that when you write so well, why did you not blog all this time. Girl, you know very little about this strength of yours.
    By the way, i know it is really easy to stalk than to write. Who better than me knows that!. I opened my blog to write something but ended up stalking you. 🙂 But you should not leave it at that when you are so good at writing too. my 2 cents.


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