I am staring blankly at my laptop screen wondering what to write. I already feel bad about ignoring this blog. I have been reading and replying only through my phone these days, that too in loo!

Oh yes! Think twice before touching my phone!

Btw, guests at my place are keeping me busy and I am tired of the amount of cooking I have been doing these days. I wanted to take pictures of the dishes and post it here. I believe a brilliant post, sex and food can increase the number of followers and the pageviews to quite an extent. (These are my thoughts and all the objections are already overruled 😀 :D)

And just in case you want to know what I cooked, (even though you don’t want to know, you have no other choice but continue reading, that is if you are reading :D) I made Paneer kulcha, cheese balls, dry Manchurian, malai kofta, cold sandwich, rotis, biryani and what not! I regret not taking the pictures, big time!

Apart from this I wanted to introduce myself. So here I begin…..

* My name is DeeA, read as Diya. This is not my real name. The letters in the name DeeA has mine, Joy’s and PIC’s initials. So this khichdi! And yes, I made khichdi also, for Joy 😀

* I live in Delhi.

* This is my second attempt at blogging.

* I am twenty six years old, married for seven years. Yes, do your maths!

After writing this I feel like I am writing an essay for an L.K.G. student on the topic ‘about myself ‘! I still remember the essay I wrote. Well, actually I don’t, my mummy reminds me and I obviously don’t believe her! I wrote, My name is DeeA, I am in class so and so, I have two ears, one nose, two hands, two legs, one biiiiiiiig tummy, sixteen fingers, four thumbs and no hair!

Yes, I have been trying to improve my writing skills? since childhood!

I wanted to write more about myself but I still have lots of cooking to do. Yes, the guests are staying! I guess my next post will be all about me! No, I am not self obsessed! 😀

P.S. Did the title misguide your dirty minds, tell tell 😛




16 thoughts on “STARING

  1. First things first. You made so many dishes having a toddler, you are great-o-great!!

    Secondly, tell me the recipe of paneer kulcha 😀

    I have a feeling we have met before 🙄


    • Making dishes is easier than handling a toddler, PIC was given this task:-P
      I will either mail you or post the recipe here. Its one of the quickest and easiest recipe ever!
      Are you trying to flirt?:-o


  2. Temporary guests seem to be a permanent issue for people based in Delhi, haina? Same pinch at that :). You know our Delhi home is still hosting guests even when me and TBH are not around. I wish we could charge rents from guests ;). Jokes apart, I have mostly loved the entertaining part but now after Bunny I am a but skeptical that how I will manage the endless inflow of guests.


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