Yesterday, we went to this Haldiram’s for dinner. As soon as we  entered  the place, a girl of Joy’s age jumped on Joy to hug him. Nope, she was not someone we knew. A complete stranger! She not only hugged him but pulled his cheeks and tried to kiss him too. And Joy’s reaction, SHOCKED, in capitals! He likes attention, but something like this, from a stranger, in a public place, without any prior hints is a big NO! But for us and others it was a full  paisa vasool show! I am now wondering how sharif my baccha can get!

Just because we are talking about Haldiram’s, let me inform you that the food there sucked. I was never fond of visiting this place and that was only because of self service but now they have added few more reasons. We ordered two thalis, choley bhature and raj kachori for four people. First thing we noticed was the quantity, which has reduced miserably. Second, the thalis were ready but breads arrived after waiting for around fifteen minutes. This was least expected that too on a weekday. Even after the breads arrived, we found them to be stale and cold. When informed them, they just re heated and gave them back to us. Not only this, even the raj kachori was bland. Yes, I know raj kachori and bland is east and west. But this is how east meets west! I wonder if all the other outlets are offering the same kind of food.

And just because we are talking about food, thali from Andhra Bhavan happens to be my FAVORITE! I am a marwari but my taste buds are south Indian.


This is PIC’s thali and that is why no rice in it. Yes, he goes there only for my sake and ends up eating chapati and dal :D. He makes me promise that we visit some other place next time, but that next time rarely comes :P. I am in love with this place! I over stuff myself every single time I go there.

And when we are talking about food, let me show you something.


I asked my nephew to guess the dish. He said pizza and he was wrong. What do you think it is? Will share the recipe in my next post.

P.S. The title of this post means ‘Guess who?’ but here it is ‘Guess what?’


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