Me – A
Joy – A

Me – B
Joy – B

Me – C
Joy – C

Me – D
Joy – D

Me – E
Joy – E

Me – F
Joy – F

Me – G
Joy – G

Me – H
Joy – H

Me – I
Joy – Buv(Love)

Me – I ii
Joy – Buvee(Lovee)

Me – Joy, I iiiiiii!
Joy – Mumma, Buveeee!(Loveeee!)

*sigh* I give up and we continue with the other alphabets.

We have always been a very ‘I love you and love you’ couple. We would exchange ‘I love you’s’ quite a few times, in a day. Joy’s arrival added more reasons for expressing it. We would even express the same before  Joy but a new born cannot speak, right! When he grew a little and could express himself in actions, I taught him a way.

I made him touch himself with his palm, then his heart and then the person sitting opposite to him (whoever he wanted to convey the message to).  But the self obsessed boy he was, he would touch himself, then my heart and again himself which meant Joy loves Joy! (Don’t roll your eyes yet, there is more!)

So suppose, someone talking to him on phone would say ‘I love you, Joy!’, he would place the phone down, touch himself, touch the phone’s heart and himself again!(lets roll our eyes together!)

I wanted to change this(where is my share of love, dude!) and immediately started working on it as soon as he started blabbering. I said ‘I love you’ many a times in a day and he would answer by showing those hand moments! He even tried to manipulate me by doing those moments all by himself whenever he would see me angry! Slowly, he learnt the word love (buvv). All I had to do was say ‘I’ and ‘love you or buv you’ would follow from Joy’s mouth. And if I say a complete ‘I love you’ he says ‘Love you’.

So whatsoever happens, an I is always followed by ‘buvv’ and a simple ‘J’ or ‘am your mumma’ can never, ever replace it!

P.S. How do I prepare myself from the complaints that I will be getting in future from his would be school! *gulp*




* that the dust from the insane amount of cleaning during  diwali makes you so busy that the blog has dust and cobwebs all over it.

* that one cannot prepare and savour diwali delicacies, all at the same time. It doesn’t matter if handmade matthi, sev, dal ka halwa, kachori, kanji vada etc are waiting for you to taste them.

* one(me) shouldn’t get a panic attack if hubby(PIC) offers to make the rangoli so that I can get some rest. Here is the rangoli made by PIC-


* that it is not a good idea to leave Joy in the puja room all alone. He might just dip his hands in the huge diya filled with oil. And, not to forget,the sleeves of his heavy dhoti kurta would be dripping oil too!

* that instead of asking Google, “how to remove oil stains”, its better to send the clothes for dry-cleaning.

* that instead of bursting crackers, one can distribute them to kids who cannot afford them. Their smile makes the diwali night even more brighter.

* that sky lanterns are always a better option, especially when compared to crackers.

* that the extended weekend during diwali is just a hallucination.

* that every plan of coming back to blogging might get affected by guests visiting you, unplanned shopping (which I hate!), and not being well.

* that unplanned events can bring a smile if a good deal catches the eye. Got two pretty sarees for the most reasonable prices in the world!

* that it is not a good idea to watch a show based on husband-wife crime, all the time!

* that love is proved, worries are shoo-ed away when PIC takes a leave just because wife is unwell!

* that these updates will be never ending but I need to stop because my reader is overflowing! Where do I start!