HOW? TWO(?)(!) JOY!


11th of this month, Joy turned two (Yay!). Now two, its a strange number. I mean, its hard to decide if he is a big boy which he claims to be (he has declared himself a biggg boy and also a suppperr boy!) or still a small baby. When he was born, he was small. When he turned one, he was big (but small). Now when he is two, he must be a big boy, isn’t it?

Anyways, there are times when I and PIC say, ‘When Joy was small, he would do this, do that’ and then realization would strike that he is still small.

Joy gifted himself to me on Mother’s day. I mean, I found out that I was pregnant on Mother’s day. Apart from my own family i.e, MIL and FIL, PIC (obviously!), I only shared this news with Visha. I did not share it with my mom, my family, my extended family and even my friends. How they found out (after two months) is a different and a sad story altogether.

My pregnancy journey was not an easy one. No one’s journey is easy during pregnancy but I am sure, atleast, its a happy journey. Well, mine was not. I lost my SIL, BIL, who were in their 30s and my neice (6), in a car accident and my nephew (8) was badly injured too. That is when my entire family found out about my pregnancy. The doctor had advised me complete bed rest and also asked me to step down, only when I had to use the loo. Two months I did exactly what she said. But after this accident, everything changed. My nephew was completely dependent on me and PIC. It took him two months to get down  from the bed. Not only this, MIL lost her eyesight completely after hearing this news. Her vision earlier was only 80 percent but now she couldn’t see someone sitting next to her also. So, in short, everyone was dependent on me and PIC.

It was difficult but finally, Joy arrived on 11th January, 2013. I know it might be hard to digest for few, but before getting operated, I told the doctor not to show me the baby if it was a boy. They did exactly the same but I was not told the gender till then. I was still hoping it to be a girl. Little later, the doctor came and informed, ‘Congratulations! chokra hua hain! (its a boy).’

I was adamant on not seeing him(I was anyways not in my senses to see him properly!) but when I saw how everyone had already started ignoring me and were under ‘his’ spell, I wanted to see if ‘his’ magic worked on me. After all, it was only a baby who looked more like a cotton candy. What! I was hungry too!

And, then I realised, love at first sight do happen. I so badly wanted to hold him but damn the stitches! And, there was already a long queue (yeah, right!) to hold him and my number was yet to come. And, when it finally did come, all he did was open his eyes for a second, stared at me and passed a yawn as if I bored him.

P.S. This is how, in short, Joy arrived in my life.

P.P.S. This is a very small summary of what happened in nine months of my pregnancy and I have no idea if this makes sense or not to whoever is reading (ofcourse!). But I wanted it to document it here before everything was erased from my pea sized brain. I have written it in my diary too but these days, Joys takes away my books and diary saying, its his! I guess, I will have to either keep the diary in my bank locker or in some secret place before someone reaches it! *gulp*

P.P.P.S Don’t ask me about the smartness behind the title of the post! I am not smart, remember na!

P.P.P.P.S. I asked you not to ask me about the title of this post because PIC asked me and I thought you guys (whoever is reading) would also ask. So!




I am sure everyone is aware of karwa chauth, when women fast for the long life of their husband from sunrise till moon rise and break their fast after worshiping moon. Yesterday, we had a similar fast called “mahi chauth” and also called as “sakat chauth” by few. Now, the rules of this fast are exactly similar to karwa chauth’s.

I and my MIL woke up early, took bath, performed the rituals of fast i.e, listening to its story (not that of karwa chauth but a different one), doing puja and then got busy with household chores and even made dinner.The moon rise time for yesterday was around 9:18 p.m.. We waited for the moon, started looking from the balcony and even asked the watchman to keep an eye so that we don’t miss it while we were inside. It was around 10 but the moon was not visible. Relatives from other cities started calling us to ask whether we had broken our fast or not.

Now, the thing was that, that the moon was already in full view in all the other cities and everyone was done with their puja and dinner. So, I along with my neighbour, moved my bum to the terrace to check ‘properly’! I live in Delhi and it is freezing over here. Yesterday was no different and on top of that, I did not take my jacket as I was all decked up from head to toe (yeah, roll your eyes!). It was cloudy and windy too. So, the moon was still not visible because of the clouds. I decided to get my jacket but neighbour refused to stay alone (really?). I did not want to go back as I was scared that I might miss a glimpse when I go. My MIL, around 11:30 called me to tell that it was compulsory to break our fast before 12:00. So the hungry me, err, smart me, devised a plan. I called my SIL in Bombay and asked her to send me a snap of moon on whatsapp. Here is what she sent


And I sent this picture in our family group. So, I along with my neighbour and rest of the family worshiped moon that we received all the way from Bombay and finally broke our fast!

P.S. Don’t ask me intelligent questions like, ‘Is it okay to break your fast on seeing picture of moon and all?’ All I know is we had to eat this fast’s prasad before 12:00 and elders asked to draw a moon or bring a picture from somewhere so that we could do our puja.

I felt a recent picture is better than an old one. So this kartoot 😀

P.P.S. I will pat my back on everyone’s behalf(whoever is reading) and thank you already for all the praises 😀



Last week, I had a small puja at my place. I invited few neighbours too. There were only aunties and no one of my age were present that particular  day. While they were leaving, I offered them prasad and took their blessings.

So, one particular aunty who is a teacher in a reputed school gave me her blessings to have one more son.

I replied saying, ‘I have a son and now I badly want a baby girl so, give me your blessings again with few alterations.’

She replied saying, ‘But Joy needs a sibling and make sure it is a brother.’

Now I am bit straight forward and might convert into a rude person during such situation. But, I was a host that day and there were other ladies present there including my MIL and I thought everyone would support me.

To my utter shock, everyone supported her saying, ‘haanji, beta to chahiye hi. (Yes, a son is a necessity).’  And all this, coming from a bunch of well educated people.

Infact, the aunty who started all this, has two sons, but they refuse to stay with her because with them around, they have no privacy.

I was fuming and ready to burst. Just then, my MIL came forward and said, ‘Jitni khushi bete ke paida hone pe hoti hain, utni hi khushi beti ke hone par hogi, dono mein koi farak nahi (the amount of happiness during daughter’s birth is not less than that of during son’s birth, there is no difference). And considering Deea’s case, we were not expecting anything. Daughter would have been a cause for double celebration.’

Now, my MIL happens to be very conservative and of orthodox mentality. But my previous miscarriages, not being able to conceive, and a recent loss of her 35 year old daughter made her say this. I guess it was not until then she realised that there was no difference between a daughter and a son.

But, how does it matter if its a son or a daughter. Do they want a son because they would have someone to take care of them during old age. This is the lamest excuse, ever! Do they come with some guarantee card.

P.S. I had to post this because, few days earlier, someone predicted that if I plan my next child, it will be a boy and I am shattered. Not that I believe in all these predictions, but I want, WANT, I really, really want a daughter! Now I am just too scared to take a risk.

P.P.S. No, I am not planning a baby. Its just that I want my next one to be a girl.



Before I start, a very Happy New Year!!!!!!

I have been away for a very long period. More than writing here I missed reading my favorite blogs. Just in case you want to know about my disappearance, I visited my hometown after four long years, to attend my sister’s wedding. More than the wedding, I was exited about the fact that I would meet mom after four years. I am not a very expressive person but it was hard not to shed a tear on seeing her.

Joy visited his nani house for the first time and he was at his best behaviour! Just after I returned, I got a news that my cousin delivered a baby girl . I will always regret not taking that pink bundle of joy in my hands.

Apart from this, everyone I read is participating in blog marathon. Even I wanted to but I guess when there is so much to read,when will I have the time to post everyday!

It feels so good to be back! Yay!