Before I start, a very Happy New Year!!!!!!

I have been away for a very long period. More than writing here I missed reading my favorite blogs. Just in case you want to know about my disappearance, I visited my hometown after four long years, to attend my sister’s wedding. More than the wedding, I was exited about the fact that I would meet mom after four years. I am not a very expressive person but it was hard not to shed a tear on seeing her.

Joy visited his nani house for the first time and he was at his best behaviour! Just after I returned, I got a news that my cousin delivered a baby girl . I will always regret not taking that pink bundle of joy in my hands.

Apart from this, everyone I read is participating in blog marathon. Even I wanted to but I guess when there is so much to read,when will I have the time to post everyday!

It feels so good to be back! Yay!


20 thoughts on “2015

  1. Heyy heyy… why does your blog keep on kicking me out. I hit the follow button and 2 minutes later, it still shows the follow option.
    Anyways, you are really funny to read. I totally understand your addiction toΒ reading, but make some time for writing also. You are really good at it.


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