Last week, I had a small puja at my place. I invited few neighbours too. There were only aunties and no one of my age were present that particular  day. While they were leaving, I offered them prasad and took their blessings.

So, one particular aunty who is a teacher in a reputed school gave me her blessings to have one more son.

I replied saying, ‘I have a son and now I badly want a baby girl so, give me your blessings again with few alterations.’

She replied saying, ‘But Joy needs a sibling and make sure it is a brother.’

Now I am bit straight forward and might convert into a rude person during such situation. But, I was a host that day and there were other ladies present there including my MIL and I thought everyone would support me.

To my utter shock, everyone supported her saying, ‘haanji, beta to chahiye hi. (Yes, a son is a necessity).’  And all this, coming from a bunch of well educated people.

Infact, the aunty who started all this, has two sons, but they refuse to stay with her because with them around, they have no privacy.

I was fuming and ready to burst. Just then, my MIL came forward and said, ‘Jitni khushi bete ke paida hone pe hoti hain, utni hi khushi beti ke hone par hogi, dono mein koi farak nahi (the amount of happiness during daughter’s birth is not less than that of during son’s birth, there is no difference). And considering Deea’s case, we were not expecting anything. Daughter would have been a cause for double celebration.’

Now, my MIL happens to be very conservative and of orthodox mentality. But my previous miscarriages, not being able to conceive, and a recent loss of her 35 year old daughter made her say this. I guess it was not until then she realised that there was no difference between a daughter and a son.

But, how does it matter if its a son or a daughter. Do they want a son because they would have someone to take care of them during old age. This is the lamest excuse, ever! Do they come with some guarantee card.

P.S. I had to post this because, few days earlier, someone predicted that if I plan my next child, it will be a boy and I am shattered. Not that I believe in all these predictions, but I want, WANT, I really, really want a daughter! Now I am just too scared to take a risk.

P.P.S. No, I am not planning a baby. Its just that I want my next one to be a girl.



  1. Aargh. I really cant stand those aunties. Especially when I cant give them a proper response. It was nice to hear your MIL say that. 🙂

    haha. Predictions. Don’t worry. Remember that line?…when you really want something badly, the whole universe works on making it happen. 🙂


  2. These aunties!!!! Arrrghhh! I dont understand when this mentality is going to change. I recently heard the same dialogue from my close friend. To say that I was shocked would be an understatement.


  3. OMG these aunties na they are too much leave it yar they cant change, you know what my mother once told me that you can decide the sex of the child according to the moon before conceiving I am not married yet but my mommy told me about this I dont remember the exact calculations but yes if you want I can get it written from my mom so that you can plan accordingly and get a daughter angel:)


  4. Sons are difficult to handle and so you want a daughter, hai na, hai na 😛 😛

    Not even one predicted that I will have a girl seeing me in my last trimester, everyone was like pucca ladka hi hai, 100% 😆
    Just ignore re 🙂


  5. Ha these aunties and MIL’s, they always want boys sigh

    They have nothing na , they want to know who is married , who is not married who had babies , why , what sigh, cant help ….

    Just Ignore is the mantra


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