I am sure everyone is aware of karwa chauth, when women fast for the long life of their husband from sunrise till moon rise and break their fast after worshiping moon. Yesterday, we had a similar fast called “mahi chauth” and also called as “sakat chauth” by few. Now, the rules of this fast are exactly similar to karwa chauth’s.

I and my MIL woke up early, took bath, performed the rituals of fast i.e, listening to its story (not that of karwa chauth but a different one), doing puja and then got busy with household chores and even made dinner.The moon rise time for yesterday was around 9:18 p.m.. We waited for the moon, started looking from the balcony and even asked the watchman to keep an eye so that we don’t miss it while we were inside. It was around 10 but the moon was not visible. Relatives from other cities started calling us to ask whether we had broken our fast or not.

Now, the thing was that, that the moon was already in full view in all the other cities and everyone was done with their puja and dinner. So, I along with my neighbour, moved my bum to the terrace to check ‘properly’! I live in Delhi and it is freezing over here. Yesterday was no different and on top of that, I did not take my jacket as I was all decked up from head to toe (yeah, roll your eyes!). It was cloudy and windy too. So, the moon was still not visible because of the clouds. I decided to get my jacket but neighbour refused to stay alone (really?). I did not want to go back as I was scared that I might miss a glimpse when I go. My MIL, around 11:30 called me to tell that it was compulsory to break our fast before 12:00. So the hungry me, err, smart me, devised a plan. I called my SIL in Bombay and asked her to send me a snap of moon on whatsapp. Here is what she sent


And I sent this picture in our family group. So, I along with my neighbour and rest of the family worshiped moon that we received all the way from Bombay and finally broke our fast!

P.S. Don’t ask me intelligent questions like, ‘Is it okay to break your fast on seeing picture of moon and all?’ All I know is we had to eat this fast’s prasad before 12:00 and elders asked to draw a moon or bring a picture from somewhere so that we could do our puja.

I felt a recent picture is better than an old one. So this kartoot 😀

P.P.S. I will pat my back on everyone’s behalf(whoever is reading) and thank you already for all the praises 😀


17 thoughts on “HEIGHT OF TECHNOLOGY!

  1. Heights ya.. and lovely! I just can’t help laughing. But smart you are 🙂 On another count, today I witnessed a wedding from start to finish because of this technology called whatsapp. Second or third time we devised a way to be a part of functions we are not able to attend physically.. so why not virtually.. 🙂 Hi5 to the thought 🙂


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